About FFF

Flash Fiction Fever (FFF) is a blog/website specifically intended as a free showcase for Flash Fiction authors and as a place where readers of Flash Fiction can come to find material to satisfy their literary pallet. Flash Fiction is a precise art, and an underappreciated one, in our opinion. FFF attempts to bring Flash Fiction to the attention of readers everywhere.


It's easy to create a storyline and flesh it out so it occupies the entire contents of a book. Usually, when writing a book, a writer encounters virtually no limits, and thus it becomes easy to fall into the trap of excessive verbiage or rambling plots.

Because Flash Fiction severely limits the number of words an author can use, the writer is forced to make every single word count, to write as powerfully as possible, and to ensure that a reader can identify with the story within the provided word count. This means a good Flash Fiction piece is the best work the writer can produce.


Usually writers of Flash Fiction also write other works as well, such as short stories and novels. But most of us don't have the time (or money) to spend on whole books on the off-chance that we might like the author. However, if you see a book, and remember that you read Flash Fiction by the book's author -- and enjoyed it -- you'll have a better idea of whether that book is worth your investment.

Flash Fiction is also a convenient form of entertainment in our fast-paced society. If you don't have time to sit down to read a story of any length, one can derive equal satisfaction from Flash Fiction. Well-written Flash Fiction can convey all the same emotions and excitement of book-length fiction, only in a fraction of the time.


As a writer, you want to gain a reputation among readers -- without that reputation, you will have a very hard time selling anything. But that's the Catch-22: To get readers, you need a reputation -- to get a reputation, you need readers. Flash Fiction is a great way to showcase your storytelling style, a taste of what readers can expect if they were to pick up one of your longer works, such as a book. Flash Fiction isn't nearly as intimidating as a whole book, and can be read on a much more casual basis. So if someone reads your Flash Fiction piece and likes it, they'll be more likely to follow the links you provide on FFF to see what else you've written.

Plus, as stated before, Flash Fiction is a great writing exercise. It helps writers focus on tightening their writing style and delivering a quality story within restrictions. It's a form of self-discipline, which every writer needs.

So readers -- dive in and enjoy! And writers -- what are you waiting for? Rise to the challenge and create sparkling prose.