What Is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is a short story that's shorter than most short stories -- usually 1000 words or shorter. As with any work of fiction, Flash Fiction has a beginning, middle, and end; it has a definite plot; the characters must be engaging; the writing must be concise. Fiction takes the reader on a journey into the world, life, and mind of a character -- Flash Fiction is more like a quick but impressive visit.

For readers, Flash Fiction provides a quick read, which is great for those of us who have busy lives. For writers, it's a challenge and an exercise in writing well. Well-written Flash Fiction delivers a punch -- surprise, humor, shock, fear, excitement, or whatever emotion the author wishes to convey.

Flash Fiction Fever is meant to provide an outlet for writers who wish to share their work with the world, and a source for readers who enjoy a quick story. Eventually, we'd like to host contests and provide anthologies of the best Flash Fiction posted here.

You can share your own Flash Fiction on this site. Just click the "SUBMIT A STORY" tab above and follow the submission guidelines.

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